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Tree Roots Auckland

Tree roots in drains

We attach a tree root cutter to the hydro jet to cut through and remove tree roots in the blocked underground drainage pipes.

Trees send out feeder roots to seek moisture and food and will enter a cracked or clay pipe underground. Tree roots thrive on the humidity and warmth of the pipes.

Take a look around your property to see if there are any large trees that could be causing the problem. A small scale tree root invasion in your drains can be a quick fix, but if left, can cost a lot of money for drainage dig up and repairs if left untreated. 

Cutting down a tree will not solve the problem as the tree roots will continue to grow.  

Our tree root cutting services is guaranteed for 6 months.

Signs of tree roots in drains

Signs to look out for that indicates you have tree roots in your drains and need a drain unblocker are:

  • strange gurgling sounds coming from your sink, shower or toilet
  • mature trees on you property
  • sinkhole in your lawn
  • multiple blocked utilities such as blocked toilet, sink/s or shower