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Blocked Sink or Shower in Auckland

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A hydrojet may also be required if the drain is blocked.

blocked sink

Blocked Sink or shower

A water ram forces air down your sink pipes to clear the blockage. It exerts only 2% of the air pressure against the walls of the pipes thus avoiding any damage.  A hand auger is sometimes used to pull hair out of drains.

Sometimes we may also need to clear the trap which is the u-section of the pipe under the sink.

One of the things we all dread to hear is "the water's not going down the sink!" or "the showers is blocked!".

Sinks and showers can get smelly quite quickly when blocked. We don't want you to spend your time gagging over a smelly drain, when our drain unblockers have the right tools to do it quickly an efficiently.

Signs of a blocked sink or shower

Signs to look out for that indicates you have a blocked sink or shower and need a drain unblocker are:

  • a noisy gurgling sink or shower 
  • an unpleasant smell 
  • water is slow to drain away or fills up high 
  • food scraps are floating when you run the waste disposal in the kitchen sink
  • or an outside drain may be overflowing.
A noisy gurgling sink or shower can mean that air is trapped somewhere in the drainpipes caused by a build-up due to damage further down a drainpipe.

An unpleasant smell may be coming from the pipes. Usually a bad smell comes before a slow drain.

Common reasons for a blocked sink or shower

We don't give much thought to what we flush down the sink or shower until it is blocked. The most common reasons for a blocked sink or shower are:

1. human hair

2. soap scum 

3. food scraps in kitchen sink

4. or fat in kitchen sinks

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