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How Drainz works

Some unblocks may take very little time once we are set up and others take longer as they are more complex to solve. 

Drainz staff are trained to follow these steps:

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Step 1: Contact

  1. We ask questions to clarify the problem

  2. Access to site is discussed to eliminate barriers eg dog is locked away, gate is open, deck has been built over a gully 

  3. Customer advised time Drainz technician will be onsite

  4. Recommend action and agree on price based on first contact.

CCTV drain camera

Step 2: Diagnosis

  1. Technician advises you they are onsite

  2. Visually inspects the drains or pipes around property to identify where blockage is and find the most suitable access point

  3. Determine the most effective way to clear the blockage

  4. If different equipment is required, customer is contacted with a no obligation quote. 

drain unblock

Step 3:  Action

  1. Drainz clears the blocked drain

  2. A CCTV drain camera inspection may be used to pinpoint the depth and location of a blockage. The location will be marked with a peg or dazzle. Upon request a video can be provided on a memory stick

  3. Site is cleaned by technician

  4. Customer contacted to advise what we did and advised how to maintain a healthy drain

  5. If blockage is unsuccessful, we can  refer you to a registered drainage contractor if further work is required.