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Drain Unblocking Services



Drainz are trusted drain unblocking experts who are out on the road near you unblocking drains across the Auckland region. 

We specialise in unblocking sinks, toilets, showers and drains for both residential and commercial customers.




Drain Unblocking Services

Our drain unblocking experts can attend any emergency in the Auckland service area to unblock your drains so they are flowing quickly.  

A blockage can occur in your internal waste or drain pipes to a larger outside sewerage and storm water underground drainage pipes. One of our drain unblocking experts can sort out your problem quickly to ensure minimal disruption to your household. 

We can handle any type of drain blockage so you don't have to. No job is too big or small.

Our people wear the appropriate drain unblocking safety equipment and carry all the necessary tools in our vehicle to get clear your drains. 


Drainz Services

Blocked Drain

Our high-pressure hydro jet will clear your drain blockage quickly: Auckland’s eco-friendly drain unblocking solution.

The hydro jet forces water at high pressure through a hose which is fed down the pipe to unblock your drain. The water is forced out through cutting nozzle jet which is attached to the end of the hose. 


blocked toilet

Overflowing or slow draining toilet? We’ll identify the problem and clear the blockage quickly and cleanly.

Drainz offers a $55 special to clear a blocked toilet. 

A hydrojet may also be required if the drain is also blocked.



Blocked Sink

blocked sink or shower

Using a water ram, our technician will clear your kitchen sink pipes or shower drain quickly and effectively.

Drainz offers a $55 special for a water ram to unblock your sink or shower. 

A hydro jet may also be required if the drain is blocked.


tree root blocking drain

tree roots

Are tree roots blocking your drains? Our tree root cutting service is guaranteed to solve the problem for six months.

We attach a tree root cutter to the hydro jet to cut through and remove tree roots in the blocked underground drainage pipes.


CCTV drain camera

cctv drain camera and locate

A CCTV drain camera will record images from inside your underground drainage pipes, helping to diagnose drainage problems and pinpoint the location.

The CCTV drain camera is pushed down into the drain after a hydro jet has cleared the drain. This enables us to see the inside of the pipe on a monitor and diagnose any problems. 


pre purchase inspection

pre-purchase inspection

Our pre-purchase inspection will inform you of the current layout and condition of a property’s underground drains, giving you piece of mind.

The report outlines the condition of the drains, highlights any issues such as cracks, tree-root intrusion, general damage and any recommendations for maintenance. It also compares any changes to the Auckland Council As-built drainage plan that is lodged for your property. Upon request we can provide CCTV images or video on memory stick.





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