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CCTV drain camera

CCTV drain camera inspection

A closed circuit television (CCTV) drain camera records images or video of the condition of your underground drainage pipes and pinpoints the blockage location.

The CCTV drain camera is pushed down into the drain after a hydro jet has cleared the drain. This enables us to see the inside of the pipe on a monitor and diagnose any problems. 

We recommend using a CCTV drain camera if you have tree roots or we suspect there is a broken drain.

Upon request we can provide CCTV images or video on memory stick.

Locate blockage

If you drain is broken we can then use a locator to give you the precise location and depth for a drainage contractor to dig up and replace your drain. Knowing the precise location save saves you a large sum of money on a dig up and a mess in your garden.

In New Zealand you need to use a current registered drainlayer to dig  up and replace your drain. We can recommend someone to help you.

After CCTV drain camera inspection confirms a breakage, we use a locator to pinpoint the depth and location where the blockage has occurred. The area is marked with dazzle or a peg to indicate where drain repairs are required.