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Blocked Toilet Auckland

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A hydrojet may also be required if the drain is blocked.

Blocked Toilet

Drainz knows just how annoying and inconvenient a blocked toilet is for your family, so we understand the urgency for you to have it cleared quickly. 

If the water level in the toilet bowl is too high, too low or slow to drain away, then it is likely that it is just a blocked toilet. A Drainz technician will investigate the problem and diagnose the right equipment to use to clear the blockage. A Drainz technician will use a drain rod to plunge your toilet to push toilet paper and excrement down the pipes.

If there is no water in your toilet bowl, then it is likely that there is a blocked drain somewhere on your property causing the problem.  A Drainz technician will use a high pressure hydro jet to unblock any drains that are causing the blockage in your toilet. We recommend that you keep the lid on the toilet seat closed to safeguard leakage.

Signs of a blocked toilet

Signs to look out for that indicates you have a blocked toilet and need a drain unblocker are:

  • water is slow to drain away or fills up high 
  • there is lots of toilet paper
  • there is no water in the toilet bowl
  • water or sewerage overflows from toilet bowl or shower
  • other bathroom fixtures (shower, vanity basin) may also drain slowly
  • there is a bad smell
  • water or sewerage overflows from an outside pipe that has a grate on top

Please do not keep flushing as the toilet bowl will overflow.

Common reasons for a blocked toilet

We don't give much thought to what we flush down the toilet. The most common reasons for a blocked toilet are:

1. too much toilet paper

2. sanitary products

3. baby wipes

4. kids toys

5. using the half flush for your number twos

6. or a problem further down the drainage pipe such as
    a cracked pipe or tree roots. 

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