Why use Drainz to clear your blocked Auckland drain

Drainz is a locally owned family Auckland based drain unblocking business specialising in clearing blocked drains across Auckland 24/7. 

Our expert team has been working in the plumbing and drainage industry for over 25 years for residential and commercial customers. 

Drainz was established in 2005 and we are committed to providing quality advice, a quick response at an affordable price. We understand the urgency in getting your household or business drain flowing quickly.   

Drainz guarantees our work for 48 hours so please call us on 027 294 8799 if the same problem occurs and we will come out again free of charge. 

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CCTV drain camera

Drainz uses the latest equipment and technology to unblock your drains. We know all the tips and tricks to isolate your problem and fix it quickly. 

The blockage must be cleared first before we can insert a cctv drain camera to find the fault and location in your underground sewer or stormwater drains. 

Our team will keep you informed about what we find, recommend the best solution to resolve your blocked drain and provide free quality advice on how to maintain a healthy drain.



Drainz staff are trained to use the equipment and to provide great customer experience. We try our best to explain in plain English, so if for any reason you need further explanation, please contact us. 

We have worked with a diverse customer base and understand the importance of affordability so have put together some special prices and a 10% discount for seniors.

Drain Unblocker Auckland

Why choose us?

Affordable price

Drainz special price from $55 for blocked sinks or toilets.
10% discount also available to super gold card holders.

On time customer service

Be there on time to clear an Auckland blocked drain.
We keep you informed about what we do. 


25 years trusted expertise

Our professional team have been working in the plumbing and drainage industry for over 25 years.

Professional free advice

We are committed to providing the best quality advice to keeping your drains flowing and maintained in a healthy condition. When we call to tell you what we did, we will also give you some free advice on how to prevent future blockages.



Book online now, or Call 027 294 8799 for a No Obligation Free Quote