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Blocked Drain in Auckland

Blocked Drains Auckland

Our high-pressure hydro jet will clear your drain blockage quickly: Auckland’s eco-friendly drain unblocking solution.

The hydro jet forces water at high pressure through a hose which is fed down the pipe to unblock your drain. The water is forced out through cutting nozzle jet which is attached to the end of the hose.

What you may see or smell

Water could be slow to drain away in your sink or toilet. 

Drains could smell bad.

Worse still your drains could be overflowing and you may have excrement and excess water inside or outside your property. We understand that urgency is required to get your household up and running again. 

Common reasons for a blocked drain

We don't give much thought to what we put down the drain. The top five common reasons are:

1. fat and grease

2. tree roots and leaves

3. sanitary items

4. baby wipes

5. and children's toys.